Suitcase Mobile Operation


Kaanapali Maui

Christmas '04 & New Year






Kailua, Oahu - January 2003


We rented a house on the windward side of Oahu near Kailua, for 10 days in early January.  Highlighted is the small roof-top deck where the new and improved "Fishing Pole Vertical" antenna was taped to a vent pipe on the roof.  A couple of wire radials were used on the roof as a counterpoise.  The AH-4 random wire tuner was used at the base of the vertical element.  The operating position was on the main covered deck one level below, on the main level of the house.  This antenna set-up was reasonably effective on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 and 30 meters.  The vertical element was a 12' extendable "Pan Fishing" pole from Cabella's , rigged with hook-up wire as the radiator.


This shot was taken from a different spot on the ridge above Lanakai Beach using maximum telephoto on the digital camera.  Two of the family members were waving to us from the roof-top deck.   The hike to the top of the ridge each day (about 600' over sea level) was great exercise and incredibly beautiful .











The KR0E/KH6 station was modest.  I used the IC-706 with a switching power supply.  Temperature varied between about 66 and 83 degrees F. 






March 2002

The first time on a cruise ship had to include some ham radio.  QRP operation from the cabin onboard the Royal Caribbean's "Explorer Of The Seas" cruise ship was great!  The FT-817 to a homebrew tuner and backpacker's fishing pole antenna worked out well.  Five watts over salt water can be quite effective if the bands are open.